Cultivation of CBD Flowers in Switzerland:

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Full-spectrum CBD oil at 1807 Blends comes from organically grown hemp flowers. To start with, to grow CBD flowers, farmers start their preparation from cannabis seeds. Our CBD flowers grown under the best environmental conditions are free from pesticides & herbicides.

The combination of carefully selected Cannabis CBD strains with organic farming methods guarantees our CBD flowers’ high potency and premium quality while remaining 100% natural and Swiss Made. All flowers are grown in Switzerland at our cultivation facility, and we are 100% committed to high quality. We also want to make sure we are eco-friendly; that is why we are carbon-neutral, and our entire production chain is located within a 50-kilometer radius.

If you want to buy our Swiss CBD, you can shop our cannabidiol online.

How to Extract CBD ? The making of Swiss CBD

Extraction of CBD in Switzerland :

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There are numerous ways to extract cannabinoids from cannabis plants, but CO2 is a pretty high-tech method. To manufacture premium quality full-spectrum CBD oil, we use the most effective method of CBD extraction – Supercritical CO2 extraction. One of the primary benefits of making cannabis or hemp extract using CO2 extraction is its status as a ‘green solvent.’ For CBD products, the use of carbon dioxide provides cleaner, healthier products.

During CO2 extraction, we apply high pressure while maintaining a low temperature. Unlike chemical solvents such as butane, hexane, or ethanol, CO2 extraction is natural and leaves no chemical residues. Although it is the most expensive, it is also the most natural, eco-friendly, and cleanest extraction method.

Winterization of Swiss CBD :

Winterization is the process of removing compounds, such as fats, lipids, and waxes from the crude CBD oil before distillation. The non-removal of these compounds leads to lower purity of cannabinoids. Subsequently, it involves taking a non-polar substance and dissolving it into the polar solvent at sub-zero temperature.

Characteristic steps in the winterization of cannabis extract are :

  • Maintain a sub-zero temperature
  • Filtration

Decarboxylation of Swiss cannabidiol :





Cannabinoids yield their desired effects following decarboxylation, which is a critical step. The decarboxylation of CBD proceeds at relatively low temperatures to preserve the terpenes. With exposure to sunlight and air, decarboxylation slowly transforms the compounds such as CBDA and THCA into CBD & THC, respectively.

Distillation of CBD in Switzerland :


CBD distillation uses heat and vacuum to separate cannabinoids from less desirable compounds like fats & waxes.

As a result, it produces a highly potent, clear golden liquid with a mild aroma. Distillations involve the separation of different compounds based on the difference in boiling points.

CBD Distillate is generally 80-90% or more CBD content and appears as a golden amber, highly viscous liquid. It crystallizes readily, so it normally appears as a white waxy or crystalline solid at room temperature.

Dilution of Swiss CBD oil :

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CBD and carrier oils like coconut oil and hemp oil seem like a match made in self-care heaven. Generally, we prefer coconut MCT oil with high lipid content and impart a pleasing smell and pleasant taste.

Generally, we use Flash Chromatography to maintain a THC level of less than 0.2%. It separates the most important component of cannabis extract despite its lower resolution. Flash chromatography is primarily used to isolate a specific compound from a mixture, like CBD from THC. In flash chromatography, the cannabis compounds interact with the solid stationary phase for varying lengths of time and are eluted to increase polarity in the column.

Why Are Swiss Full-Spectrum CBD Oils Superior ?

Swiss full-spectrum CBD oils contain all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant – even THC! However, to comply with EU legislation, all our CBD oils contain less than 0.2% THC.

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Conclusion : CBD in Switzerland

Our mission is to provide reliable cannabis CBD products available to buy online. We use a natural and safe process to produce our CBD oil, from extraction to dilution. 

Moreover, we package our CBD oil in black opaque glass bottles to preserve the effectiveness of cannabinoids and increase its shelf life to two years. You can receive 100% natural Swiss CBD oil within 48 hours in Switzerland.

Besides, our in-house high-end laboratory tests each batch of full-spectrum oil to determine the cannabinoids concentrations to follow the Swiss and European regulations on Cannabidiol products. All our full-spectrum CBD oils contain 100% organic CBD extract with 0.2% THC.

Enjoy your cannabis CBD journey !