Treat yourself and enjoy a relaxing, stress-reducing experience with our THE BEAUTY CBD BOX.

  • 10ml of premium Swiss CBD oil (10% or 20%)
  • Lavender Bath Bomb
  • Charcoal and Clay soap
  • Orange and Cinnamon scented candle

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Whether you wish to relax, uplift your mood, reduce stress, anxiety or any pains, our THE BEAUTY CBD BOX’s contents are sure to please you. It’s the perfect gift to pamper yourself or treat one of your family members or friends.

    • 10ml of your favorite 1807 Blends Swiss CBD oil “THE TEN” (cannabidiol concentration: 10%) or “THE TWENTY” (cannabidiol concentration: 20%). Made from locally-grown flowers in Valais and Vaud, our oils are all made in Switzerland and contain less than 0.2% THC. Using CO2 extraction, we ensure the plant terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids are preserved without the use of chemicals.
    • Lavender Bath Bomb adds emollients and softeners to your bath water than moisturize and soften your skin. The beneficial mix of 100% vegan high quality essential oils will cleanse your skin, leaving it soft, silky and supple. What’s more, you can enjoy the pleasant aromatherapy effects the essential oils create. The bath bomb is handmade and individually wrapped to preserve its freshness. To use, simply unwrap it, place it in your bath’s warm water and wait until it has fully dissolved. You can then relax and enjoy your bubble bath.
    • The Charcoal and Clay soap is a deluxe soap packed with rich skin-loving goodness which will detox your skin and leave it wonderfully soft. The activated charcoal draws toxins and impurities to the surface of the skin, allowing them to be washed away easily. And with clay being an excellent exfoliant, it can also remove dead skin cells leaving your skin cleansed and rejuvenated. You can also use the soap to help treat psoriasis and eczema. Suitable for your face and body, you may use this soap daily to help improve the texture of your skin.
    • Woodwick “Cinnamon and Orange” crackling scented candle. Handmade from natural soy wax, it burns much cleaner than other types of candles, producing a natural smell without introducing toxic fumes into your living space. The combination of the citrus freshness of the orange, the sweet spicy tones of cinnamon and the woodwick’s crackle creates a warm, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The packaging is also 100% recyclable.
    • THE CLEAN – 1807 Blends’ hand cleaner and moisturizer. Because using a hand cleaner that also moisturizes your skin instead of drying it out is just so much better! We developed THE CLEAN with enough alcohol to break down the lipids that encapsulate microorganisms (bacteria, germs, fungi) and stop their growth, getting rid of 99.9% of all bacteria and many other pathogens. As alcohol-based hand cleaners tend to dry out and irritate the delicate skin on our hands, we have added coconut oil to hydrate and protect the skin as well as some CBD to soothe the skin and prevent irritation. THE CLEAN hand cleaner leaves your skin scented, hydrated and free of bacteria. We use our own CBD distillate, which is the 100% Swiss premium grade distillate also used for our various CBD oils.

Press down on the cap and twist it anti-clockwise. Fill the pipette with the desired amount of your cannabidiol oil. One drop of THE TEN is equal to 3mg of CBD, whilst one drop of THE TWENTY contains 6mg. You should note that whatever condition you are trying to treat with CBD, giving yourself the right dosage is important. And since the right dosage depends on many factors (check out our FAQ for more information), our recommendation is to start with 5 to 7 drops and gradually increase your daily dose until you reach your desired results. The effects can usually last up to 6 hours.

If you feel like you are not reaping the beneficial effects from this CBD oil, you may need to increase your dosage or alternatively use a higher concentration such as our THE FORTY (40% CBD concentration).


You should store your cannabidiol oil and THE CLEAN hand cleaner in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to assist you.


We ship our products within 48 hours once payment has been received. We provide free shipping in Switzerland and a flat rate of CHF19.- for International Shipping.


In case our product does not meet your expectations, kindly report any issues within 15 days of receiving your product via email to to be eligible for a return.

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