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The CBD market has grown considerably in recent years. People are using CBD products because of their potential benefits to human health and well-being and its efficacy against stress. 

CBD is one of the main cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike its counterpart, THC, CBD does not produce euphoric or psychotropic effects. Thanks to word-of-mouth, CBD products have become very popular with the public. You may have already come across various Swiss CBD products on the market, from cannabidiol oil to topical balms. But how can CBD potentially help reduce stress and other mental health issues?

According to the National Library of Medicine, anxiety and stress are the most common mental disorders in Switzerland, affecting 30% of adults.

Read on to learn more about CBD’s effect on stress and how it works to relieve it.

How does CBD work against stress ?

CBD oil component

Our bodies contain an endocannabinoid system that regulates various bodily functions such as sleep, pain, memory, metabolism, etc. The main components of the endocannabinoid system are as follows:

  • Endocannabinoids such as anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglyerol 
  • Cannabinoid receptors: CB1 in the central nervous system (located in the brain and spinal cord), CB2 in the peripheral nervous system (located outside the brain and spinal cord and composed of nerves and ganglia)
  • Enzymes (organic substances produced by the cells, promoting chemical reactions in the body).

Interactions of CBD with the human body 

CBD can interact with cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are present in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system as mentioned above. 

Research on CBD suggests that it has powerful pharmacological effects. Many scientists and researchers have found that CBD has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. It works by blocking certain enzymes that trigger inflammation in the body. 

Similarly, CBD may help regulate the level of serotonin – a neurotransmitter responsible for mental health. Low serotonin levels lead to depression and anxiety. People use CBD oil for its beneficial therapeutic effects and natural anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties. 

Research and evidence of CBD’s effectiveness against stress :

Several studies suggest that CBD may be beneficial for anxiety and stress.

For generalized anxiety:

General anxiety

The North American National Institute on Drug Abuse claims that CBD has been shown to reduce stress symptoms associated with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). This disorder is characterized by chronic worry and excessive anxiety. People with this disorder spend their time worrying and have a high intolerance to uncertainty. They often do not realize that this problem is destroying their quality of life. 

CBD can act by :

  • Controlling heart rate
  • Improving the sleep-wake cycle
  • Reducing pain and inflammation

For other forms of anxiety:

CBD may also be beneficial for highly disabling behaviors such as:

social anxiety - ptsd
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), these psychiatric disorders that occur after a traumatic event often occurred in tragic circumstances (natural disaster, sudden death of a loved one or suicide, assault, rape, hostage taking, terrorist attack …). They are characterized by often uncontrolled reactions of intense fear, feelings of horror, reminiscence and hypervigilance.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) where people suffer from situations in which they are confronted with other people, or new people (often in public). This disorder is often accompanied by irrational fears such as being humiliated in public. 
  • Stress-induced insomnia. If left unchecked, it can lead to depression and a deterioration in the patient’s overall health. 

CBD can remedy this. A 2011 study on the effects of CBD reports that people with social anxiety disorder experience a reduction in stress and anxiety symptoms by ingesting an oral dosage of CBD. 

Research has shown that CBD can also help with PTSD symptoms, such as having nightmares and rehashing negative memories

CBD against stress : the ideal dosage

CBD dosage

If you want to incorporate CBD into your life to be less stressed, contact your doctor. However, as soon as you experience the following symptom, be sure to seek medical attention: 

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure 
  • Expansion of the lungs and heavy breathing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sweating

The doctor will recommend the best dosage of CBD. 

Factors that influence CBD dosage: 

cbd pills

In addition, the amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors, including:

  • Your body weight
  • The condition you are trying to treat with CBD
  • Your body chemistry
  • The amount and concentration of CBD in each pill, capsule, drop or gum.

CBD products that can help with stress:

hemp leaf with hands

There are endless CBD products on the market with varying amounts of cannabinoids. You can choose the product that suits your preference and taste. Among these are: 

  • CBD oil  : CBD oils can be used for topical application just like creams, lotions or balms. These products are becoming increasingly popular and they also work in a more targeted manner for quick and concentrated pain relief.
  • CBD Capsules
  • Chewing gum
  • Topical CBD products (skin care products) : Topical products (skin care), are often appreciated because they can relieve skin conditions such as muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis, eczema, acne and psoriasis. These products are becoming increasingly popular for treating skin conditions naturally (without chemicals or synthetic fragrances). 

Why choose CBD oil?

In general, people prefer to choose CBD oil because of its effectiveness. Each drop of CBD oil contains a specific amount of Cannabidiol.

woman looking at cbd oil

Broad spectrum oils do not contain THC but only the other cannabinoids that help CBD work better. 

Full spectrum oils contain a minimal percentage of THC (maximum 0.2%) that is harmless to the human body and which isn’t enough to get any “high” feeling. Just be careful in case you are allergic to THC, in which case a broad spectrum oil would be more suitable.

CBD isolate oils contain only CBD. CBD isolate oils are ideal for people who require a very high dose of CBD. However, these oils aren’t as effective as full spectrum oils because they lack the entourage effect.


From food products to skin products, there are many CBD products on the market. You can incorporate a CBD product that suits your lifestyle. In general, CBD is safe and well tolerated by humans and research suggests that CBD oil can potentially be very effective in treating certain disorders such as social anxiety (or stress). You can easily use CBD oils to contribute to your well-being by its efficacy. CBD oils can indeed reach their full healing potential depending on what you are looking for (pain relief, stress relief…).

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