Many individuals today use CBD against anxiety or stress. Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining momentum in the human health and wellness world to potentially treat a variety health conditions. CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids of the Cannabis Sativa plant with non-psychotropic properties. Due to the non-toxic nature of CBD, manufacturers are incorporating CBD into many different products such as CBD oil.

People use cannabidiol oil and other products for its proclaimed health benefits, and it is most commonly used against anxiety and depression. You may be wondering about the use of CBD against anxiety and whether CBD might be an effective treatment option for you. We have written this article to clear up all your ambiguities about CBD benefits for anxiety.

How CBD works to alleviate anxiety?

CBD oil against anxiety and stress

The human body is comprised of various natural protein-based receptors and systems. These receptors receive stimuli from other cells to work properly.

CBD interacts with CB1 & CB2 receptors in the brain present in the central and peripheral nervous system. CBD exerts both antagonistic and antagonist effects on brain receptors. The pharmacological effects of CBD show affinities with serotonin – a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in our mental wellbeing.

People with anxiety and depression have a low level of serotonin. CBD may help manage the anxiety condition by changing your brain receptors’ response to serotonin.

CBD oil may help people with social anxiety by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Helping to regulate blood pressure
  • Reducing post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms
  • Inducing better sleep

Moreover, the potential anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects of CBD may help to regulate the mood and social behavior of a person.

What does the research say?

A 2015 study review shows that CBD interacts with CB1 receptors, the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor, and other receptors in the brain that regulates fear and anxiety-induced behavior.

The preclinical and clinical evidence suggest that CBD has the potential to effectively reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder – GAD
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD
  • Pain disorder – PD
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder – OCD
  • Social anxiety disorder – SAD

A person with anxiety can incorporate a Swiss CBD oil into his or her health routine in order to mitigate various anxiety disorders or imbalances. However, it is recommended to talk to your doctor before making changes to your treatment plan.

Your doctor should be able to recommend you an appropriate CBD dosage, however you can also refer to our CBD dosage guide article for additional information. CBD dosage for anxiety depends on various factors, such as:

  • Bodyweight
  • Body chemistry
  • Nature of your anxiety

We therefore recommend you try a recommended CBD dosage at first and adapt it depending on the desired effects.  

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

How to use CBD oil

As of now, no standardized CBD dosage for anxiety or any other health condition has been determined by researchers or healthcare professionals. However, in a 2019 study, researchers found that 300 – 600 mg CBD may significantly reduce anxiety symptoms.

So how to consume CBD? There are many CBD administration methods you can incorporate into your lifestyle, depending on the country you live in:

  • CBD oil
  • Sublingual sprays
  • Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Vaping

In Switzerland, edibles, sublingual sprays and capsules are technically still illegal, even though you’ll still find many shops selling them. The method of administration naturally determines how quickly cannabinoids begin to produce effects; the quicker they enter the bloodstream, the quicker you will feel the effects.

Orally administrated CBD oil, capsules, or gummies usually start affecting you within 30 minutes. However, smoking and vaping CBD have more immediate effects. A sublingual CBD oil ingestion works more effectively because the mouth capillaries absorb the compound promptly. CBD oil or other topicals applied to your skin will also take time to be absorbed by your skin.

How to buy CBD Oil?

CBD oil dosage

Choosing the right CBD oil might seem overwhelming for a beginner in the world of cannabidiol brands. There are endless CBD products and oils with varying potencies and qualities of cannabidiol.

However, you can find the right CBD product by keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Swiss CBD cannot legally exceed 1% of THC
  • Favour Full Spectrum CBD oils over CBD Isolate
  • Make sure to check the brand’s reputation – check the customer reviews!
  • Be mindful of the potency of the cannabinoids
  • Ensure you choose CBD oil that is free from pesticides and chemicals

Our Tips to Buy Swiss CBD may help you choose the best CBD products according to your preferences and requirements.

CBD Side Effects:

Generally, CBD is a safe and effective cannabinoid. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a “high” or other mind-altering effect since it is not a psychotropic substance. However, some people may experience adverse effects, such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite change
  • Fatigue

It is therefore important to monitor your CBD dosage and adapt your intake based on the effects and side effects you experience.

CBD May Help Against Anxiety

As discussed, we all experience CBD effects differently based on many different factors such as age, weight, body chemistry and our own unique endocannabinoid system. If you have an anxiety disorder that could be helped with Cannabidiol consumption, consult your doctor first to be on the safe side. An ever-growing body of research as well as customer feedback suggests that incorporating CBD into your daily regime may indeed help reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

And I’ll be the first to confirm that it did so for me, during a very difficult time in my life. But that story will be for another day! In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a comment below or contact us directly through our Live Chat. Our 1807 Blends Team is there to help. Have a fantastic day!

CBD oil health benefits

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